Embrace the Night, Own the Day

Living with the convenience, flexibility and freedom of NiTime aligners

You only have to wear NiTime aligners for 9-12 hours compared to 22 hours for other aligners and the overall treatment time does not increase.

No one has to know that you’re straightening your teeth.

During the day you are free to eat, snack and go about your busy life without the need to wear an aligner.

Want that coffee? No problem. No aligners.

Sandy goes about her day without wearing any aligners. She has her morning coffee.

Want to eat? No problem. No aligners.

Eats breakfast. Goes to work. Has meetings. And no one knows she’s straightening her smile.

Work without any aligners during the day.

No one knows she’s getting a beautiful and healthy smile, but her.

Only wear your aligners at night!

She doesn’t have to let anyone know. It’s her NiTime secret.

FAQs about NiTime Aligners

9-12 hour daily wear. Aligners changed at 7-day intervals.

Yes NiTime has a granted patent and several pending.

There are other brands promoting night wear aligners, but OrthoFX NiTime are the only FDA cleared aligners for Night only wear.

NiTime aligners may be more comfortable than industry-standard aligners. NiTime aligners use smaller but optimal forces. Industry-standard aligners exert more force than what is required causing more discomfort.

What Our Doctors Say about OrthoFX NiTime

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