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Straighten your teeth with affordable pricing and supervised doctor care.

Meet OrthoFX Clear aligners

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Most patients finish in 6 months or less.

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You’ll feel 40% less pressure on your teeth vs other brands. Like memory-foam comfort!

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OrthoFX creates the most clear and advanced clear aligners on the market.

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What conditions can
OrthoFX clear aligners treat?

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Your doctor is with you every step of the way, remotely or in-person.


Pricing that works for your budget starting at $85/mo. Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses with insurance benefits or our financing options.

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• Dental exam
• Teeth scan
• 3D Smile Preview
• Aligner case
• Whitening gels
• All treatment aligners
• Doctor appointments (In-person or remote)
• First set of retainers
• OrthoFX support available

Try It Kit

Take us for a test drive with our Try It Kit.

Starting at $85/mo.

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Starting at $99/mo.

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Ready to get started?

Connect with us now for your initial consultation with a doctor!

Ready to get started?

Connect with us now for your initial consultation with a doctor!

Patient Reviews


I have been very pleased with my OrthoFX treatment as I have watched my teeth move toward the pleasing smile I was promised. They are comfortable, easy to wear and have already made a difference after three weeks!

Leina A.

I've only been using OrthoFX for 4 months now, and have seen a huge improvement on the straightening of my teeth! Not only do they feel great, most people don't even know I have them in! I am so excited to see the ending result, and couldn't be happier with my experience!

Christy K.

I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to have a nice smile and a healthy bite. Having your dentist oversee everything adds to the undertaking. Thanks, OrthoFX for my new smile.

Jan M.

OrthoFX was easy and the results were amazing! I couldn't be more happy with my experience with them! The aligners came in quickly, easy to manage, and the results are fast!

Janelle M.