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Everyone wants a great smile. And a great smile starts with straight teeth. But often metal braces aren’t the look you’re going for. In fact, many adults had metal braces as kids, and didn’t wear the retainers. Their teeth have now moved and they’re looking for ways to get their best smile back. OrthoFX orthodontic clear aligner treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Your OrthoFX doctor’s 3D scanning technology will create a personalized aligner system that will gently move your teeth into position stage by stage. OrthoFX uses a next generation polymer, FXTetra™, to mold a series of aligners that fit over your teeth like a glove, applying gentle pressure on each tooth to create movement over time. You’ll love that our next generation FXTetra aligners are,

COMFORTABLE : Created by multi-shell material with an elastomeric layer in the middle.

STAIN RESISTANT : Thanks to the harder polyester layers on the outside.

SUPER INVISIBILITY POWERS : The ISO-refractive surface has a high level of adaption, which means nearly no one will see you’re wearing them.

That’s awesome! You can start your smile journey by heading here to learn more about the OrthoFX aligner treatment. Once you’ve completed the purchace you’ll start with a consultation session with an OrthoFX doctor in your area.